ShineStar Vocal Arts Festival 2022

It is with great excitement that the first of many vocal festivals to come has been a huge success. On Tuesday the 17th of May the festival was established as a top-quality vocal competition where contestants received high recognition for hard work and talent.

The festival is unique in that the top 5 overall achievers are awarded a special prize with each festival and it is not announced to the participants in advance.
The top 5 achievers of 2022 each received an invitation as a guest artist at the Matric Farewell Fashion Show (MFF) Gauteng in March 2023. During this event, each singer delivers one song item.

Congratulations to our top 5 of 2022:
Jani Schaap – Grade 10
Miike Maritz – Grade 9
Ildiko Nagy – Grade 8
Anouk van Heerden – Grade 8
Dedre De Clercq – Grade 6

We are looking forward to the ShineStar Vocal Art Festival 2023 and hope to meet many more talented singers! Follow the latest news on our Crazy Concerts website and Facebook page.

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